Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Slender Grasshopper

(Slender Grasshopper)

Grasshopper season is among us, and from what I am seeing there is no shortage of them. 

 (Lichen Grasshoppers, mating)

I am unsure of the species of this very large Conehead. It measured about 4-5 inches in length.

(Angle-Wing Katydid)

(Black-Legged Meadow Katydid)


  1. Oh, this is delightful. I LOVE katydids and had never seen a conehead before--wow!! =) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fun shots, never seen the conehead that I know.I like to have someone ridethe bike trail ahead of me during grasshopper season to scare them off for me.One trail is covered with assorted varieties.

  3. way back in the recesses of my brain was a remenant of a poem... i always loved grasshoppers and katydids too... anyways here's the poem ... ahhh back to childhood ;)
    To an Insect

    I LOVE to hear thine earnest voice,
    Wherever thou art hid,
    Thou testy like dogmatist,
    Thou pretty Katydid!
    Thou mindst me of gentlefolks, --
    Old gentlefolks are they, --
    Thou say'st an undisputed thing
    In such a solemn way.

    Thou art a female, Katydid!
    I know it by the trill
    That quivers through thy piercing notes,
    So petulant and shrill;
    I think there is a knot of you
    Beneath the hollow tree, --
    A knot of spinster Katydids, --
    Do Katydids drink tea?

    O, tell me where did Katy live,
    And what did Katy do?
    And was she fair and young,
    And yet so wicked too?
    Did Katy love a naughty man,
    Or kiss more cheeks than one?
    I warrant Katy did no more
    Than many a Kate has done.

    Oliver Wendell Holmes

  4. Thank you so much for sharing that lovely poem with me. I am always looking for insect poetry to add to my collection and I had not heard this one yet. I love Katydid's too they are so beautiful and something about them is almost graceful. Wait until you see the crazy cousin to a katydid I am going to post about next.