Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pretty Pretty Ladybug

Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home
Winter Is Coming, The Summer Has Gone!
~ The Flowers Have Bloomed,
Autumn Leaves Are Falling ~
Time To Find A Cozy Spot Til Spring Comes Calling!


  1. ow macro life is so beautiful! you´ve got some really great ones!

  2. Thank you Paula, ladybugs are one of my favorite subjects, they are so colorful and fun to photograph.

  3. Shelly have to come and check out your Ladybug! It really is a beautiful macro. I have enjoyed your series of ladybugs and you know they are still hanging around the house. Found one today moving in slooooooooow motion. I think they found a cozy spot under the siding on the east side of the house!

  4. Thanks Rural Rambler, I can't resist taking pictures of these guys/gals. I probably have more photos of ladybugs than any other insect. I've found a few still hanging out around the house as well. I got a pleasant surprise when I checked the mail the other day, I discovered about 100 of these persistent insects living in the back. Seems they will live anywhere they possibly can for the winter months.

  5. Not only a good macro,but a beautiful picture too...

  6. Thank you so much Andrea for your kind comments. I love this picture for some reason, I think it is the contrast between the purple beauty berries and the red of the ladybug.