Friday, December 4, 2009


Green Lacewings are a very common sight throughout the summer and early fall months. In Northwest Missouri I see green and brown lacewings.
The first of November I had 1,000's of the brown lacewings all over my yard. They were everyone, on every available surface. I've heard of outbreaks of Multi-Colored Asian Lady Beetles, and Box Elder Bugs, but never Lacewings. I found this to be quite unusual, and made sure to document the event.
I posted several months ago about the Brown Lacewings. The life cycles of the two are the same, the only real difference is the color.

Lacewings are sometimes referred to as Aphid Lions in their larval stage, this name comes from their preference for eating large amounts of aphids. It is estimated they may consume as many as 600 aphids during their growth to adult size. This love of aphids, endears them to gardeners and green house growers everywhere. 

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