Friday, September 4, 2009

Caught Red-Handed

I discovered this little bandit robbing our juicy red tomatoes. From the size of the hole eaten in this tomato he was VERY hungry! Stink bugs are notorious for sucking the life juices out of plants, fruits and veggies. I'm sure his little buggy eyes about popped out of his head when he saw the buffet laid out before him in our garden. Good thing we plant more than we could ever eat, that way we can share with all the little critters that invariably show up to feast. The garden is waning, and very little is left worth picking and eating, so I let this little guy continue to enjoy his meal.


  1. Hey Mo, just wondering if you know your site is peppered with google ads for insect control. One of the hazards of 'Free'. Nothing's free is it.

    ATB. Mark

  2. Yea, I know :o(
    You're right, nothing is free, but I don't mind the ads for pest control, I guess not all insects are welcome visitors...LOL
    If someone is looking for termite or ant control, then perhaps they'll remember my site and come back to visit. Kind of a one stop shop....

  3. So that is a stink bug. Quite a few hanging out on our picnic table which is very close to our cherry tomatoes.

    I will be looking to see what you have to say about the ladybug imposters, Asian beetles I believe, that will be invading our home inside and out probably next month. I hate them, they almost ruin my fall!

  4. I have stink bugs everywhere here. Our garden is full of them.

    Perhaps my next post will be all about ladybugs and their distant cousin the imposter.