Saturday, November 27, 2010

Attack of the Ants

Who says ants aren't vicious, opportunistic creatures? Just look at these ants hauling this much larger spider. These ants exhibited great teamwork, lugging, pushing, pulling, all in the name to climb a giant hill (well giant from their perspective). These are also the same ants that "attack" me each summer when I attempt to sunbathe in my backyard. Not sure if they are territorial or if I just look like a tasty entree'.

My one question is.....Did they FIND this spider already dead?.....or did they do the KILLING?

Here is another situation that I came across of some ants attacking and feeding on a Junebug. Seems they like legs the best, wonder if they taste like chicken?


  1. ack. Yes, I would NEVER want to be the size of an ant, or even anywhere near. I expect they're like the Borg, acting as a collective, exceedingly well armed, and relentlessly effective. Glad to be a giant! (phew)

  2. I think god made ants tiny so they wouldn't take over the world!

  3. Gotta visit here more, eh?

    First ant - One of several species that can be called a red field ant, Formica pallidefulva. In my experience, this one is not usually a biter, but actually rather skittish. Must be that tasty suntan lotion you're wearing. I'd guess they found the spider after it got stepped on.

    Second ant - Eastern black carpenter ant, Camponotus pennsylvanicus. It's more a matter of the legs being small enoght to grab and cut off. Later, they'll proceed to eating the innards...