Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The first insects of 2010

One evening last week as I sat at the kitchen table browsing the internet, a sneaky little house fly landed right on the keyboard. Where did he come from? It was barely 25 degrees outside, does he not know it is still winter? I shoooed him off the keyboard, oh but he was persistent! Back he came, shoo-fly, it's too early! 
I finally gave up trying to convince him that he wasn't welcome, and took his photo. Then low-and-behold what should appear? 
A Multi-Colored Asian Lady Beetle! She landed right on my new orchid, and posed so pretty how could I resist this photo op? Do these little creatures know something I don't? Are warmer days ahead? I couldn't help but feel a tinge of excitement at the first insects of 2010, even if they were the everyday, ordinary, garden variety insect pests that we all lament about every summer. For me these two little visitors were just the uplifting encouragement I needed to survive the next month of cool, wet and windy days, before winter lets go and spring finally arrives!


  1. I do believe they know something. About a week before it got warmer here, we found a tiny beetle in our bathtub and then I saw my first housefly in my office, same day, and a brand new spider took up residence in that kitchen cupboard corner (when I'd have sworn they were all dead and gone).

    In the days following, I saw nothing else... and now suddenly, with these early spring days, it's like you can see them coming back in waves. I saw my first honeybees yesterday and blogged about it, it made me so happy. :)

  2. I agree they know there is a change coming. Yesterday there was a fairly large wolf spider in our mud room. I've seen a couple of smallish spiders in the basement. Nothing near as exciting as Honey Bees though!!! I can hardly wait til they show up.

  3. Errrrgh. I saw my first tick crawling up my leg on Saturday. I was kind of hoping all the snow this winter would have slowed them down. >:-/

  4. Love your blog and am subscribing to it. I also have a blog on blogspot:

    I really like the big format of your blog. It really shows off your photos and text. Love the praying mantis poem! Can you tell me what theme you are using. I could use more space for images. I am an illustrator and specialize in

    BUGS, Beasts & Botanicals.

    Thanks for any suggestions and hope to read more about your adventures!


  5. Maria, I don't think anything slows ticks down for very long. A more resilient creature than any I've ever encountered. I was hoping that our super cold winter will slow them up as well, but I fear it won't be so :(

    Welcome to MObugs Mindy. I'm so glad you stopped by. I will head over to your blog and check it out. I am using Sand Dollar as my template and then changed the colors to suit my taste. I am really getting excited for spring and all the new buggy adventures to come!

  6. I remember a time a while back, we were at a lake here in Wisconsin, and there were a bunch of ladybugs crawling in the sand. This was before the Asians came (I think). We were just sitting there and they were crawling around in the sand. I broke off a little stick and stuck it in the sand in front of it. I immediately climbed up the stick and down and kept going. I put the stick in front of it again. Same thing. I got a bunch of sticks and was putting them in front of a bunch of different ladybugs. They all went up and over, never around. We just put dozens of little sticks in the sand and watched the ladybug circus. Just thought I would share.

  7. That is incredible behavior that you witnessed. I wish you knew for sure which species it was. Do you keep a journal of unusual behavior that you witness like that? If not, you should. That sounds like odd behavior, but then again, it might be something that certain species of ladybugs just do. The insect World is incredible. I never tire of it!