Monday, March 16, 2009

The Ladybug Project

Cornell University is hosting a Citizen Science project entitled "The Ladybug Project" They are asking for people of all ages and photographic skills to take pictures and submit them. They want images of all the lady beetle species you come across. They will use these photographs to document the numbers of individual specimens within each species. As many of you know our native species are in drastic decline due to the introduction of many non-native species (often referred to as exotics). One such species is the Multi-Colored Asian Lady Beetle that I just recently blogged about. Check out this website
for directions on how to participate. This would be a great spring and summer project for families with children and nature lovers in general. Much information needs to be gathered to determine the long term effect that these non-native species will have on our environments. Aiding in projects like these is a wonderful way to feel apart of something important. Thank you Marvin for letting me in on this worth while project, it is a fantastic way for me to tie in my love of photography as well as my love on insects and turn it into something useful.

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