Saturday, April 3, 2010


Today's temperature is supposed to reach 65 degrees. Tomorrow even better with mid 70's predicted.
At 2:00 today is is 53 degrees and the bees are making an appearance. The only thing blooming in the yard are daffodils. Vibrant, bright yellow blooms, that the bees seem drawn to. I'm sure the nectar content isn't too significant, but after a long cold winter, beggars can't be choosers. This also explain why my car attracts bees. Seriously, I drive a bright yellow Chevrolet Tracker, and there are bees hovering near it all the time. Does it look like an overgrown daffodil? Do they think they hit the mother-load when they see it?

Another insect that made a showing today were the sawflies. I found several hovering near the daffodils with the bees. They were also on the north side of the house hanging around a bush that bloomed profusely last spring, perhaps they remember this? Are they waiting patiently for the nectar laden blooms?

 From the looks of all the yellow speckling on his dark black body it would appear he was having himself a bit'o the daffodils as well.

 Hidden among the dead foliage from last year was this Multi-Colored Asian Lady Beetle. I found several tucked away in various plants, including the one below hiding among the spikey centers of purple coneflower.

Thankfully winter has finally let go of us here in NW Missouri ( I won't say that too loud). With sunshine, rains, and warmer temperatures, it sure feels like spring. The trees are all budding, the plants are pushing through the soil, the birds have been singing for weeks now. The insects are slowly waking up from their winters nap, what more could a girl ask for? Well.....


  1. What a gorgeous shot of the ladybug!

    I have always supposed the bees remember certain spots for next season. It would be a useful trait to have -- and they can communicate such precise directions to one another in the hive already. Why not be able to keep the directions alive for more than a few months?

    This season, though, I'm convinced of it. The victory garden is still flower-bare, except for some bolted radishes, since I grow almost everything from seed and it takes a while to flower -- yet it's got bees buzzing through it all day long, and one made the tour several times yesterday through a patch that was full of flowers last year, as though he just couldn't get that there was nothing yet. ;)

  2. I've never noticed that behavior before, I will have to pay attention to the bees better. It sure seems as if those buzzing little girls remembered you had flowers there last year. Incredible....we sure don't think of insects having a brain capable of functioning beyond the moment.