Friday, June 4, 2010

Marsh Fly

 This gorgeous little fly is a Marsh Fly (Euthycera arcuata) in the family Sciomyzidae. This fly is the only one representative of its genus in North America.

They are reported to feed on snail, snail eggs and slugs as larvae. Which if you have a slug problem these flies would be beneficial to have around.


  1. wow, he's an interesting little fellow... wish we had them here!!! slugfest :D

  2. Most unusual, I could use a few with all the wet we have had,I have noticed leaves eaten with no day visitors so think it is slugs.

  3. Garlic--this is the first one of these I have ever seen and where I found it I've never seen a slug. It really is a beautiful little fly.

    Prairie-----I bet you are right, we do not have very many slugs around here, and what few we do have don't seem to be causing any problems.