Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Junebugs-----it's whats for dinner

 Glad to see something is doing it's part to control the ever growing population of Junebugs in our area. I cannot tell you how many I've had in my hair in the past 7 days, but I can tell you I am getting tired of untangling them from said hair. GO ANTS!!!!

Just look at those ferocious jaws on this very large ant. No wonder it hurts so darn bad when they bite...OUCH!!!

Is it me or is that Junebug missing 6 legs? Perhaps they taste like chicken...and are the first thing to be eaten, much like fried chicken night at our house.

I am just feeling very grateful I am not a Junebug.


  1. They can startle you a bit getting on you.Was just surfing other sites you had posted and now a new one for you. Great pics

  2. You are right, Junebugs do startle you when they land on you, especially when they get in your hair. My husbands uncle had one get down inside his ear once. UGH!!! Thanks for the compliment. These ants were going GA-GA over that Junebug. There were 6 ants, each having their turn at this poor fellow.

  3. I do have a soft spot for June bugs, but do not enjoy being in their flight path. Have dodged a few in my So. Cal. days. SO glad too big to be dragged off by an ant. Phew!

  4. I've always kind of liked them too, at least they do not bother me too much, except that we have way TOO many. If we leave a porch light on, look out! No less than a 100 of these large beetles will be bombarding you as you step out the door.

  5. LOL about the legs being the first to go a la fried chicken. I'd be glad if the ants tackled what we locally call the June bugs, but have not seen it happen yet, sadly. ;)

    A hundred of the other kind congregating at the porch light sounds like hell. So far (knock on wood) we don't have that kind of beetle population here.

  6. I have to admit I was glad to see our ants making short work of this poor junebug. Each year our population of Junebugs seem to grow. It is getting to the point now I can say it is out of hand.