Saturday, January 23, 2010


 Today I met with one of my very best friends, LuAnn. We shared lunch and a delicious orange/cranberry cake and great conversation. We also shared or exchanged rather, our Christmas gifts. Yea, I know, a bit late. Better late than never though I always say. This has become ritual for us the past few years, as it seems with the Holidays, family obligations, traveling, shopping, cooking and weather it just always becomes a struggle to get together before Christmas, or at least NEAR Christmas. We just laugh about it, and plan a day in January, this prolongs the excitement of gift giving (and receiving). Her and I are both overgrown children at heart and giggle and share secrets like a couple of school girls. These occasions when we can find time to get together and catch up on life are some of my favorite.

(Lu is in the foreground)

Well this year she surprised me with two wonderful gifts, one is a handcrafted dragonfly made of wood that balances from a magnet to give the illusion of flight. It is completely lovely and a treasure to be sure. The second gift was this book pictured here....Insectlopedia. It is authored and illustrated by Douglas Florian. This book is so clever and full of wonderfully endearing poems about insects. They are written for young readers, but certainly can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Lu, knowing my love of insects and poetry found the perfect gift to give her very grateful friend. I've spent the time since I got home this afternoon looking through the book and reading the poems. The artwork is enchanting and absolutely gorgeous. The poems will capture young readers and teach them a bit about the species for which the poem is written. Such as this example:

The Praying Mantis

Upon a twig
I sit and pray
For something big
To wend my way:
A caterpillar,
Or bee--
I swallow them

If you have a budding entomologist in your family and want a wonderful gift that is sure to put a smile on their face I would recommend this poetic journey into the insect world.

Thanks Lu, for knowing the most perfect gift to give, and for just being an awesome, super amazing person and friend!

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