Monday, January 18, 2010

Black-Horned Tree Cricket and other Orthoptera

( Black-Horned Tree Cricket )

I have been sorting through some of the photographs from 2009 and making some attempt at cataloging them. I thought I would share some of the ones I had forgotten about or otherwise had not shared yet.

(Black-Legged Meadow Katydid)

Oh...he is so BUSTED!

Apparently without a full frontal face image, it is next to impossible to identify these katydids to species. All I know for certain is that it is some type of Conenose and they are closely related to katydids.

(Another Black-Legged Meadow Katydid)

These are a fun subject to photograph. They are magnificently colored, and relatively easy to approach.

And another, seeing pattern yet?

Yep, it is another, if you couldn't tell I love these katydid's

(Mystery Tree Cricket)
There are so many light green tree crickets that it is difficult at first glance to know what they are. I do not have an identity for this little fellow, but she/ he is such a lovely shade of lime green I thought I would share.

Oh yea, another Black-Legged Meadow Katydid


  1. Great photos! Love the black-horned tree cricket.

  2. Thanks Moe, they are lovely crickets. I was so surprised to find them this past summer. I had never seen them before. I found several and each were colored a little bit differently. The one pictured her had the most black on it and was a really stunning specimen.

  3. Thanks for a trip through Cricketland. My archives have many photos of crickets, katydids, etc. and their nymphs. And, even though I know I'll never be able to get much of an ID on most of them, I cannot keep myself from taking more photos. Could it be an obsession?

  4. OH Marvin it very well could be an obsession, bordering on illness (at least for me) I cannot resist the Orthoptera. I too have many that will most likely never be ID'd. You should gather some of your favorites and share a photo stream. I would love to see them, and I bet most of your followers would as well.