Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Robber Fly

The robber flies in the genus (Ommatuis) are fairly small to medium sized predators, measuring up to one inch. A key characteristic of this genus is the slightly feathered antennae, which takes on a moth-like appearance. They also have a very "humped back" quality. Very reminiscent of Quasimodo. Expert hunters that feed on a wide variety of small insects, they are highly beneficial to have around, great fun to photograph too. They are commonly found in open fields, meadows, and grassy areas where they will perch on the tops of grasses or twigs and watch for passing insects, which they will dart out and grab, then carry back to their resting spot to feed.

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  1. Yes, "Care to join me for lunch?" is not a question to be taken lightly amongst the robber fly clan. Nice capture!