Friday, September 2, 2011

You know its hot when........

3/4 of our summer has been extremely hot with temperatures well over 95 degrees and heat indexes over 100 degrees. This little eastern fox squirrel found relief from the heat on the concrete deck outside my office window. He stretched himself out and cooled his belly off on the shady concrete. He stayed there for nearly an hour panting. I took a picture through the screened window, since I was afraid opening the door would have spooked him. This was a true indicator of the heat we've been experiencing.


  1. It has been bad, poor little critter. I have been camping all week and spend my afternoons sitting in the lake.

  2. aw.... the poooor thinnnng! Oh, so funny, yet pitiful. =) Hope he/she got cool, and had some water available, somewhere. =) So sweet. =) Glad you didn't scare him away, very kind.